I, Svetlana Basyuk, was born on November 30, 1989 in Kiev, Ukraine.

In 2018, I discovered “Saddharma Yoga” as the only way and the knowledge of harmony, the discovery of vital energy in every day.

What does Saddharma mean is the lotus sutra, Yoga means stop thoughts, peace of mind. Saddharma Yoga — the contemplation of the lotus.

Saddharma Yoga is represented by a sixteen-step system of knowledge and the opening of the body at the level of consciousness.

“Order and development in the existence of society, the morality of the law of law and morality” as the goal of the human path leads to liberation, tranquility and returns to the source of thought.

A thought, being in its original state, is a grain of potential — a source of primal force that reveals inner pure light.

“Contemplating the light within oneself” a transformation of thought occurs and the source expands under the influence of the power of consciousness and self-awareness as particles of the divine principle.

“Lotus” is a conductor of cosmic energy and its development inside us, as the primary source of spirituality, the individuality of the Soul — the Supersoul.

«Purification» occurs in the process of awareness of movement and breathing synchronously. When the mind reaches liberation, the energy inside us opens up the possibility of transformation and moving through the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and the whole body is completely renewed. And our whole body feels, realizing with each cell its integrity and ability to fully regenerate and regenerate.

“The truth is to follow the purity within us”.

1. INTENTION AS A MOTIVATION and the correct understanding of their actions and behavior. At this stage of yoga, it is necessary to understand four basic positions — the beginning of the internal and external on the path to the cosmic and the original.

«SOLUTION — the way to liberation».

2. MORALITY is right speech — avoiding lies and slander, as well as perjury, abuse, unnecessary talk and gossip creating enmity.

RIGHT BEHAVIOR. To treat without violence to all living creatures without harming them. Eliminate bad speech. Do not take what does not belong to you and give up theft. Harmoniously and with respect to your partner — the right sex. Refusal of alcohol, it makes consciousness clouded and behavior uncontrollable.

THE RIGHT WAY OF LIFE, which is in relation to a more social definition. This term refers to such a concept as a ban on the trade in animals and people, weapons, the spread of alcoholic beverages, prostitution and occupations that are related to fortune telling, illusion — prediction of fate and astrology — horoscopes.

3. CONCENTRATION and RIGHT ACHIEVEMENT. Yoga in this aspect involves the level of monasticism and regular yoga movement and breathing — Buddhist yoga. In Sanskrit, yoga means to create one, to fill. Accordingly, the main thing in yoga is concentration — everything we focus on, we put together all the forces for the realization of the goal. It is a system of psychophysical study of changing the state of consciousness and understanding of the ordinary, ordinary external plane of being, into a state of sacral, immortal and freedom.

What is “right determination” This is the meaning of development, which is set at the deepest level of consciousness in the tradition and the right approach to yoga, as a system for restoring integrity, contemplation and transition to a new level of infinity.

CORRECTNESS OF MEMORIZATION. Control over one’s wholeness by the vision of versatility at the level of the mental and physical body is a process at the moment of the development of uncontrolled awareness.

One of the important aspects is to calm down and realize, to stop the disturbances inside you, to get rid of the sensations of the movement of thoughts at the level of mental and mental health.

This stage also includes such a concept as the analytical mind and its observation, which implies the expansion of goodness and goodness around itself.

4. ENTRY INTO TRANS — the achievement of liberation, the complete form of observation — contemplation, which makes it possible to remove the boundaries over the subject and the object and the process of contemplation. Proper observance of all the rules of samadhi leads the monk to liberation. He is able to defeat all his enemies, deserving to rise above himself: correct, complete, holistic, multifaceted, all-encompassing.

This indicates the correctness of the practice in its tradition, as the source of knowledge, the integrity and organicity of the entire process, which should reveal all the diversity at each stage and the meaning at every level of consciousness of human existence.

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